Blizzard Files Lawsuit Against Hackers

Remember those couple hundred bans that got handed out over at BattleNet earlier this month?  Looks like the guys behind the hacking design are getting a lawsuit filed against them in a Los Angeles State Court from Blizzard [a similar WOW related lawsuit brought nearly 6 million dollars in damages] for creating, distributing and selling Starcraft II hacks.

Blizzard states that the hackers “cause[d] serious harm to the value of StarCraft II,” by limiting the ability “to enjoy and participate in the competitive online experience.”

Personally, this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard of.

Just taking the profits from the hacks and redistributing it to Blizzard as damages, as well as confiscating any and all hardware/software and permanently banning them from buying/playing any future Blizzard games could have solved this.  A lawsuit, which can potentially ruin/destroy these 3 lives [financially/socially/legally] is far overreaching what needed to happen.  While I don’t feel sorry for them [they obviously knew what they were doing is wrong], I do feel like they’re getting a raw end of the deal.

Source: Joystiq

One thought on “Blizzard Files Lawsuit Against Hackers”

  1. It’s a way of scaring the hackers from trying something like this again. Honestly it’s overkill, but it can work since it will set an example to others who might try to cheat/hack their games.

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