Can PSP2 compete with 3DS?

The 3DS has been met with extremely positive reactions and views ever since it was unveiled last June and hardware leaks have shown off what it’s capable of. But Sony is still keeping very quiet about the PSP2 and is even yet to officially announce it.

The PSP has had trouble competing with the DS for years now. PSP games have traditionally not sold well and the PSP Go is now considered pretty much a failure due to such low sales. Whilst the DS has remained the top selling machine in most territories nearly every month.

More importantly, games that you would expect to see hit the PSP such as: Metal Gear Solid 3, 2 Resident Evil games, Saints Row,  Splinter Cell, Ridge Racer, Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden have already been annouced or shown off for the 3DS. These are in addition to many other games meant for the younger audience that has traditionally controlled the market for the DS.

All the hype is over Nintendo and the 3DS whilst Sony quietly waits for an opportunity to steal the thunder. But the real question is, should they even bother? I mean by the looks of it the PSP will never overtake the DS so maybe Sony should give up trying.. Anyone disagree?

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  1. If the PSP2 is priced competitively against the 3DS (as in less than $300), then I think it’s possible for the PSP2 to out-sell the 3DS. That said, if the PSP2 comes out much later than the 3DS, then it will have to play a ton of catch-up.

  2. I think the DS is always going to surpass the PSP in terms of popularity, but if the PSP2 does something innovative and builds on the previous technology rather than detracts from it (PSP Go, anyone), then I still think they’ll have a place in the market. I was never a huge fan of the PSP, but they’re still a solid second place.

  3. Behold everyone! This….is the fall of the PSP. If Sony were to reason their game/phone handheld as rumored, all we will be looking at is the N-Gage, just another failure/

  4. I’d be happy if Sony just allowed Nintendo to monopolize the handheld market – then I would only have to buy 1 handheld. I mean, at least Nintendo’s has never tried to gouge the prices of their handheld systems.

  5. Too early to say if it will be able to, especially since we know nothing about it. As for PSP, I think people don’t give it enough credit. It did pretty well, just not a huge success like Nintendo’s handhelds. It is pretty much the most successful handheld outside of the Nintnedo name.

  6. I’m actually waiting to laugh at Microsoft for trying to make a hand held system that’s NOT a computer directly. >> We know it’s gonna happen, and that point is proven more and more when we see that they’re raising the price for XBL… Though yeah, Sony should just stop trying and focus on the system that owns Nintendo and maybe Microsoft.

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