Capcom Wants You to Help Develop MegaMan Legends 3

If any company listens to their fans more than anyone else, it is Capcom. The company has repeatedly responded to fans cries. And after ten full years, Capcom is finally listening to the pleas of its Mega Man Legends fans with Mega Man Legends 3 for the Nintendo 3DS.  Now, Capcom wants to get fans into the development side of Mega Man Legends 3 as well.

Capcom has opened a special developer website for Mega Man Legends 3. The website’s purpose is to let fans have input on the title’s development. Fans can submit content like boss characters, gameplay ideas, and more. Later in the development process, fans will also be able to apply for voice acting positions.

Currently, Capcom is running a poll to determine the character design for the new heroine in the title. Each character was created by previous artists for the Mega Man series. You can check out them out after the jump, or over view and vote on Capcom’s site.

Capcom also showed off some what seems to be  some early footage of the title, which you can check out after the jump. The footage only shows a Serv Bot with some animations and a work in progress area.

(Footage Source: Joystiq)

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