Early Gamestop Christmas Marketing? [Free God of War III]

Getting to the pitch a tad early, Gamestop is pulling out a really nice marketing scheme for gamers everywhere.  With the purchase of a new, used or refurbished Playstation 3, gamers will net themselves a free copy of the hit game God of War III.  Seeing that the game is a high dollar value, and if you’re in the market for a PS3, it’s not a bad deal in the least!

The current Gamestop PS3 pricetags are as follows:

Playstation 3: 80 GB – $349.99

Playstation 3: 60 GB – $269.99

Playstation 3: 40 GB -249.99

Playstation 3: 20 GB – 299.99

Maybe a good time for some early Christmas marketing of your own?

Souce:  TheGameHeadz

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