Free Monday Night Combat DLC Coming Next Month

Monday Night Combat, this years big Summer of Arcade hit, has some free maps and mode coming next month. The DLC has been promised for quite some time, but, it’s finally coming and it’s going to add a Crossfire map and a Blitz mode map. The new mode is a variant on the Blitz mode called Sudden Death Blitz which is designed specifically for the new Blitz map.

If you haven’t played it Monday Night Combat plays a bit like a mix between Team Fortress 2 and Defense of the Ancients. You can play one of a bunch of classes and you can level up within each match.  The goal in the main mode, Crossfire, is to fight to allow your robots to get to the other base and defeat their Money Ball. Blitz is a Co-op Tower Defense game where you defend your Money Ball from waves of robots.

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