God of War: Ghost of Sparta ‘Origins’ Trailer and Bonus Content

So after you’ve played the demo of God of War: Ghost of Sparta available on Playstation Store, heres yet more excitement with a new gameplay trailer. The new ‘Origins’ trailer provides a glimpse of the endless nightmares that continue to haunt Kratos.

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You will notice that in the trailer, Kratos’ brother Deimos makes an appearance. To reward all God of War fans who purchase the game, you will receive an exclusive download voucher in the Ghost of Sparta box that unlocks the Deimos character skin for God of War 3 on PS3!

So relive the God of War 3 experience like never before while playing as Deimos who benefits from enhanced combat damage and 4x the Health, Magic and Gold Orbs = the ultimate rage-fuelled Spartan. Here is the skin.

*Note that this offer will also be available to PSP GO players.

(Source: Playstation Blog)

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