Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Sales Are Fantastically Terrible

We don’t talk much about sales over here (if you want us to talk sales more, you should let us know!). But I did feel it would be appopriate to bring up the sales of the latest Guitar Hero title, Warriors of Rock.

Guitar Hero, for the last few years, has been a cash cow for Activision. But the sales of the series, despite still being somewhat healthy, has been on a  steady decline. While we are not at rock bottom yet, signs are showing that the name might not have anymore push behind it.

In its first week, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock only moved 86,000 units across all platforms in North America. Compare this to the last Guitar Hero, which moved more units in one week on the Wii alone. Definitely not a good sign for Activision.

I know most will probably say “hah, serves them right!” to Activision, and true it does. But I feel kind of bad for NeverSoft, the developer behind the most recent entries. Warriors of Rock seems like a title where they were given a bit more freedom, but things aren’t looking bright.

That being said, it is only the first week and the holiday season is coming up. I’m sure Activision will start making their money off this title at some point, but the downhill sales of the series is continuing. Activision has to do something, or else one of their biggest cash cows is going down the drain.

(Source: Eurogamer)

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  1. Ehhhhh…. No comment about Activision being a bunch of immortal @%$@ %&@$R^!#$%s, but I will say that I think the realm of “party games” is just about over. Wait till Rock Band shows up to the party next. IF they do badly, then its as I’m thinking. :O

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