Gun Loco Trailer “Gets Sexually Frustrated”

Well, Square has done it again with their new Gun Loco, a shooter for the Xbox 360 that was announced back in August.

Gun Loco is supposed to take place in a far off solar system, which holds the “craziest criminals in the universe” (Think Arkham Asylum, but on a much bigger scale). The criminals are incinerated on a remoter prison planet where they’ve been completely forgotten by society.

But what really makes the game interesting is Nuts, a character who wants to kill everyone because he’s “stupid and sexually frustrated.”

Check out some more info as well as a trailer for the game after the jump.

Gun Loco is said to have both single and multiplayer “sprint-action shooting” modes. Players can choose which character they want to play as, with each character having their own kill moves and taunts (Think Super Smash Bros, but more sexually frustrating)

(Source: VG247)

4 thoughts on “Gun Loco Trailer “Gets Sexually Frustrated””

  1. Wow…It does seem a bit interesting…and ‘out there’.

    Also, wanted to point out a typo. (Two actually)
    “criminals are incinerated on a remoter prison planet”
    It gave me quite a laugh to see that the criminals were incinerated on this planet. =D

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