Inafune Hates His Job

First Inafune is displeased with Japanese developers, then with his own company’s management… and now he hates his job. What will please Inafune? Retirement!

In a interview with a Japanese gaming outlet, the interviewee, and probably most of us, assumed Keiji Inafune, creator of Mega Man, Dead Rising, and many more franchises, loved his job. Inafune corrected him saying this actually wasn’t the case. “It’s the opposite. I hate it! I want to retire early and take it easy.

Inafune says that developers who like their jobs can take it easy and work on a single title and still get paid a full salary. “There are loads of creators like that. But I’m not like that. If things are difficult while they are doing it, they can become a leader and a creator.

It seems kind of strange as Inafune, in general, seems like some one who would enjoy his work. Oh well, at least he has Mega Man Legends 3 on the way.

(Source: Kotaku)

7 thoughts on “Inafune Hates His Job”

  1. Why can’t he retire already? Sure I like Megaman and all though in recent years he’s done more harm than good what with his obsessive moping about the Japanese gaming industry, outsourcing DMC to a western developer (ask Lionheart how that turned out!) and makign quite frankly god awful games based on Western ideas (Bionic Commando, Dark Void etc).

    So basically Inafune, stop being so xenophobic.

  2. Can’t really blame him. Despite being so important to Capcom, Inafune doesn’t have the sweet “do whatever the heck you want and we’ll probably go along with it” deal that Hideo Kojima has. Capcom more or less pressures all their designers to churn out sequels. Failing that, they’ll just hand the series to a different designer to do it for them. Which hey, it’s a business and I get that, but it really does stifle creativity and it’s probably no fun to work in that environment 🙁

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