Killzone 3 Helghast Edition to Ship with Sweet Helmet Display

As has become synonymous with big sci-fi shooters Killzone 3’s Helghast edition will be coming with a CAT helmet. It doesn’t appear to be feline compatible at all because it’s on a display base ,but It does look very cool  and I would be proud to display it on my desk. The Helghast edition is also going to come with a cloaking marksman action figure, the soundtrack, a PS3 Dynamic Theme, Retro Maps from Killzone 2, Double XP for the first day of play, and full access to every weapon for the first 24 hours as well and finally and an artbook. That’s a whole lot of stuff for your average collector’s edition. It also cost a great deal at 13o$.

Often times when detailing these collector’s edition’s I feel like I work for the home shopping network. You can get all of this for just 4 easy payments of 31.99. How do you guys feel about collector’s editions. I have never bought one personally.

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