Lost Planet May Not be “Lost”

Despite Lost Planet 2 somewhat horrible sales, Keiji Inafune, head of R&D over at Capcom, still believes in the Lost Planet franchise. His reasoning for the Lost Planet 2’s lack of success was that it was made by other developers who lacked love for the game.

If there are plans for Lost Planet 3, Inafune says he will be directly involved in the game’s production, which is pretty good news.

Inafune also criticized the Japenese video game industry at the Tokyo Game Show, saying it was 5 years behind the Western market. He further stated that Japanese developers would need to team up with Western developers (something that Capcom has already started to do).

Could a Capcom collaboration lie in the future of the Lost Planet series? Only time will tell.

(Source: CVG)

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  1. I played this over at a friends house once. It reminded me A TON of Monster Hunter Tri, seeing as they have similiar graphics and your killing huge monsters, but it’s actually good. I love the Grappling Hook aspect.

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