Mario Sports Mix Features Online Multiplayer

A Nintendo game with online Multiplayer isn’t entirely common. And when it is in place, it is rather hit or miss. Nintendo, or rather Square-Enix the developer behind Mario Sports Mix, is taking another job at a Wii online gaming experience.

Mario Sports Mix allows, what Siliconera reports as, two consoles to connect online. This allows for some one-on-one action or, through two players on each console, two-on-two action in a variety of sports like hockey, basketball, volleyball, and dodgeball. Although, it’s a bit unclear if four players can compete on four different consoles.

Square-Enix previously developed Mario Hoops 3-on-3 for the DS, but it never really gained popularity, but it had some fun commercials in Japan.

Mario Sports Mix is launching in Japan later this year. North Americans and Europeans will have to wait until 2011.

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