MicroBot – A New Way To Destroy Brain Cells

MicroBot is a new twin-stick shooter from EA Games. The game is about a company called MicroHexon that has perfected microscopic robots that can be injected into patients to boost their immune system against otherwise incurable diseases. As always, nothing ever goes to plan and the first generation of MicroBots are trying to take control of the body. So MicroHexon has created a new batch of MicroBots to find out whats going wrong and stop it.

You will be in control of one of these new bots and just like any other twin-stick shooter will use one stick to move and the other to shoot. Along your journey in the human body you will find atoms to boost your health and upgrade your bot. Keep an eye out for data pads that can be used to unlock 22 customizations for your bot. With local co-op you can gang up with a buddy to defeat the evil bots together.

There are 4 different levels under various themes in MicroBot – blood levels where you realistically flow with the liquid and other particles or a claustrophobic bone section without much room to navigate whilst fighting enemy bots.

This game is set to be launched on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in Winter 2010/2011 and in my opinion the game looks quite intriguing. Looks very fresh and different.

(Source: IGN)

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