Microsoft is Packing in DLC with New Copies of Fable III

In the constant battle between publishers and the used game business many companies have been trying good and valid things to make sure they get their money. Microsoft and Lionhead are packing in a small DLC code with new copies of the game that provides you with a few potions such as the Raise Dead and Slow Time potions, a Scot outfit for Males and Females, and a Red Setter skin for your dog. Some of these items are still available to get in the game, but the code will get you them earlier and without all that silly playing the game.

There have been many attempts to foil used game sales and this one has the most in common with the codes packed into Fallout New Vegas which gives a few items such a cantine that slowly regenerates health.

EA launched Project 10 dollars based upon the fact that recent games sold used are usually discounted at about 10 dollars at Gamestop. Some examples of this are the online code being included with many of EA’s big online releases and the other free DLC packs such as the Cerberus network for Mass Effect 2.

(Source: 1up)

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