Mindjack Features Demon’s Souls-like Online Mechanic

Mindjack. Do you remember this game? Probably not. The title is a third person shooter from Square-Enix scheduled to hit in early 2011 and both North America and Europe.  The title allows players to hijack other unit’s bodies using mind hacking abilities. It isn’t an entirely new concept, but definitely underused. The title will be making use of another underused concept though, a single player mode with online mechanics.

During the single player gameplay of Mindjack, players can hijack the bodies of soldiers during the game. The player, at that point, can either help the player, or kill the player.

Cool idea, except for the fact that no one will probably buy Mindjack. The title is so far off most gamer’s radars that the Wikipedia page hasn’t been updated with information, still listing its previous October 2010 release.  But then again, it didn’t seem likely that Demon’s Souls would sell either.

You can check out the Tokyo Game Show trailer after the jump.

(Source: Siliconera)

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