NBA Jam HD is Coming on November 17th for 50 dollars

NBA Jam HD is essentially EA’s replacement for their no show of a basketball title NBA Elite. Originally designed as a stripped down version to pack in as a bonus with new copies of Elite has turned into the full game already released on Wii with HD graphics, online play, and a new co-op mode. The catch is that not all of these features will be available at the launch of the title. EA plans to provide title updates at no cost that will add in the 3 player co-op mode and an online challenge mode.

As awesome as this is for people like me that own HD consoles and didn’t pick up the Wii version this is a bit of a slap in the face to those who thought it was going to be exclusive. This version will cost the same price and will actually have more features. It is a shame that EA is pulling this, but I can’t blame them when they have no other functioning Basketball titles to put out this year.

(Source: Giantbomb)

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