Nintendo of Europe Responds to October 11th Wii Announcements Rumor

We heard a rumor that some Wii details were inbound soon. Gamerzines contacted Nintendo of Europe, and while the publisher usually leaves it as something along the lines of, ‘Nintendo does not comment on rumors and speculation’, Nintendo of Europe actually did a proper response.

According to Nintendo of Europe, they have no knowledge of any announcements being made on that day. And as of right now, cannot confirm the validity of the rumor. Fun stuff!

It seems a little unlikely that Nintendo would stay quiet on a event a little over a week away. And with their last event wrapping up earlier this week, it seems even more unlikely. On the flip side, Nintendo didn’t talk much about the Wii during that event aside from the announcement of a new Fatal Frame and Rhythm Heaven.  But with such a strong holiday line-up on the Wii, Nintendo probably doesn’t need to start rolling out new title announcements just yet.

Except Xenoblade. Announce that ASAP.

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