OnLive Dropping Monthly Membership Fees

Microsoft recently raised the monthly fees on Xbox Live. OnLive? They are getting rid of it completely.

OnLive CEO announced on their blog that a monthly membership fee will no longer be needed for the service. From now on, the only purchase necessary for a game are the 3-Day, 5-Day, and Full PlayPasses. The 3-Day and 5-Day PlayPasses are essentially renting the game, while the Full PlayPass is pretty much the same as buying the game forever, or as long as OnLive is in existence at least.

The more accessible the better. Anyone using, or thinking about picking up OnLive?

(Via: 1UP)

5 thoughts on “OnLive Dropping Monthly Membership Fees”

    1. nah man, it’s actually pretty cool. I’m just too poor to buy the games.

      They have sales all the time, like last weekend they had 50% off borderlands.

  1. Onlive looks pretty neat, but I need to be sure that the service is here to last. I mean, it would suck to pay full price for a game on Onlive, only for the service to discontinue (thus, no more game for Panda).

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