Persona 2: Innocent Sin getting PSP Remake

As most of you may know, Persona is the side series to Shin Megami Tensei spanning four games that were released on the PS1&2. The first two games were originally released on the PS1 and are also well known for being butchered for the overseas release due to cut content and overall changing the style of the original Japanese versions. While the first game originaly got a PSP remake, Persona 2 never did… until now. Persona 2 was released as two seperate games: Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment and while Eternal Punishment was released overseas, Innocent Sin never did until some fan translaters patched the game about a year ago. More after the jump

Source: (Siliconera)

Famitsu today confirmed that Persona 2 is currently being remade into a PSP game. The game will feature a new opening cutscene by the guys who made Macross Frontier (Satellite) and the original soundtrack will be the same as the PS1 version from which it was based from (probably because a lot of people hated the new soundtrack). Other features will include widescreen support and the ability to see the demon’s emotons to make negotiating easier (A feature found i nthe first two games). 

Shoji Meguro who has been the composer for practically all the Megaten games will be the director which his previouswork being the first Persona remake. He said that he wanted to do a remake of Eternal Punishment as well however the games would be too big to fit on one UMD disc and while there are no current plans, he would like to do a remake of Eternal Punishment along with his current work.

Atlus USA hasn’t said anything about bringing the game over to the US though it’s only just been announced so give it time and they should announce it soon (We’re not talking about Namco Bandai here).

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