Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton to get crossover game

At Level 5’s press conference earlier today, The companys CEO Akihiro Hino announced with Ace Attorney creator, Shu Takumi that their Professor Layton series will cross over with Shu’s Phoenix wright series for a brand new project for the 3DS. According to Andriasang:

“The game’s story has Professor Hershel Layton and Phoenix Wright (Ryuichi Naruhodo in the Japanese version) finding themselves in a different world. They come to the medieval city of Labyrinth City, where reality and illusions are intertwined. This strange town is also home to witches, who hide in the shadows, and is a place where magic is real. It has also been home to a number of impossible occurrences of late.

The city is controlled by a villain named Story Teller. The story he writes with his pen becomes reality as the future of the world.”

Other details of the game are scarse and the release date has yet to be announced. See images after the jump.

Source: (Andriasang)

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  1. Well now… this is… interesting…

    I’m a pretty big fan of Phoenix Wright, and I’ve heard some good things about Professor Layton, but this seems really weird. I doubt it will be bad, but it just seems so odd hearing it right now…

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