Pirates of the Caribbean RPG Canceled

Disney Interactive has been delving into the game space with a fervor recently. Releasing games such as Split Second, Epic Mickey, and Tron: Evolution. The developer, Propaganda Games, that is currently working on the Tron: Evolution game has had their other game canceled and the team working on it fired. The game was named Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned and looked to share a lot of qualities with Fable. It seems odd since the game was being received well in all the early previews and people were looking foward to it. This could either show that Disney is pulling out their interest in the Games space or maybe that they are just not happy with Propoganda games and will emmedietly dissolve the developer after Tron: Evolution comes out. Either way a lot of people lost their jobs today and my condolences go out to the and their families.

Was anyone else here interested in a Fable style Pirate action RPG?

(Source: 1up.com)

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