Rumor: PSP2 Gets An Extra Inch

Literally. The new PSP2’s screen will be an inch larger and ‘sharper’ than the PSP.

Kotaku reports that: “The screen itself is not only sharper than the current PSP’s but also about an inch larger. The larger screen means that the PSP2 will be larger as well. In the private meetings, Sony is touting the screen as ‘HD’ “

These reports also back up information gathered about the existence of a touch screen panel on the back of the device saying: “The touch panel was described as looking like a big mouse track pad. When Sony showed the PSP2, it did not provide concrete details regarding how the trackpad will be implemented in games and instead is leaving that to the discretion of game developers.”

In saying this the product stands unfinished and spec is likely to change. Sources say that the PSP2 is likely to launch at the end of 2011 but this is just a rumour.

(Source: Eurogamer)

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