“Reviewers Aren’t Gamers” – Peter Molyneux [Fake]

It seems as though Peter Molyneux isn’t too thrilled about Fable III’s mixed reviews.  Or so it seems, anyway.

Molyneux was “caught” having posted a rather slanderous remark towards the world of video game reviewers stating: “Can everyone please just ignore the reviews about my new game please. Reviewers are not real gamers, they don’t play my games properly.”

You should notice that I posted “Fake” as the title of the post.

This is more or less to inform you that the Twitter account that posted this was a fake, and several gaming media outlets reported it as true, and I’m merely reporting this to inform you about this.  It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t believe everything that Twitter says, especially when the account is petermolyneux2.

Source:  gamernode

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