Rumor: New Sonic Titles Shown Behind Closed Doors

Inside sources report that SEGA recently held a a event showing off two new Sonic titles. The first title is another entry in the Mario and Sonic franchise. The second title seems a little more special.

Supposedly the title is a anniversary collection, featuring some of the best levels from Sonic the Hedgehog all the way up to Sonic Adventure 2. The title includes 2D and 3D gameplay, although its a bit unclear if it is a mixture of the two. The inside source suggests that it plays similar to Colors and Unleashed with the two forms of gameplay mixed.

The inside source reports that the anniversary collection is set for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 is out now on the iPhone app store and will be launching on consoles throughout the week. Yeah, I specifically chose that image because it’s the one in the Sonic Rap video.

(Source: Sonic Stadium)
(Via: GoNintendo)

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  1. Hopefully they will put someone competent in charge of the physics for this anniversary collection rather than the ones behind the fiasco that is Sonic the Hedgehog 4. I mean seriously, the music is passable and the level design seems to be in the right place, but the physics, oh my god the physics… Newton is rolling in his grave.

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