Sketchin’!! – Resident ADORABLE 2010

I LOVE ME SOME SCARY GAMES. And as we inch ever closer to Halloween, I’m reminded of the super-awesome Resident Evil marathon TSG had last year. Capcom itself lent support by donating prizes, promoting, and even recording bumpers for the show! It was great, and I <3 THEM VERY MUCH.THUS, SOME ADORABLE FANART OF SOME OF UMBRELLA’S DEADLIEST CREATIONS…


Not to mention I’m in a very Capcom mood lately anyway, what with all the awesome new Marvel vs. Capcom 3 reveals we’ve been getting. HEY CAPCOM, NEVER TOO LATE TO MAKE A WILHELM & ZEE GAME AND PUT THEM INTO MVC3, JUS’ SAYIN’*. Anyway, I hope we do another Capcom series soon because their support gives me the warm fuzzies.

* Yes, never too late to hire a random charity worker artist, make an entire video game, then program the largely-unknown protagonists into the biggest fighting game of the decade. That’s how the game industry works, right???

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