So Many Zombies in Yakuza of the End Gameplay Trailer

Yakuza of the End has zombies, lots of zombies. How many zombies? Look yourself after the jump.

Yakuza of the End’s latest trailer shows some zombie slaying gameplay, that looks quite similar to Left 4 Dead, but in Japan. Zombies are everywhere and you need to put bullets in their heads.

Despite all the rotting flesh wandering town, Kazuma and his comrades still find the time to chill with some hostesses, play mahjong, gamble with slot machines and more. The hostesses can even fight zombies with you! The perfect date!

The title is set to launch in Japan 2011. North Americans are scheduled to get the zombie-free Yakuza 4 early next year.

(Trailer Source: VG247)
(Image Source: andriasang)

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