Sony Ceasing Distribution of Current PSP Development Kits This November

As if we did not need any more ammo to prove the existence of the PSP2 Sony has stated that they will stop distributing Dev Kits for the PSP in November. After there was a bit of a slip up at PAX when a representative for the Developers of the new Mortal Kombat blatantly stated that they had been looking at the hardware already.

The PSP has been doing poorly when compared to the mammoth that is the DS. I am not sure what Sony has in mind besides more horsepower under the hood, but I hope they address some of the issues with Piracy and the tendency for ports on their console.

One thought on “Sony Ceasing Distribution of Current PSP Development Kits This November”

  1. I’m more hoping they address the issue of gimmicky features that worsen the system (seriously, taking out the UMD in favor of digital distribution was stupid), outrageous prices (really? twice as much money for half as much hardware?), and loading speeds.

    Honestly, the “piracy” methods make the PSP as good as it is. With custom firmware, you are able to overclock the speed, copy your UMD’s contents to your memory stick, and run the games from that – this makes horrendously bad loading time games like Spectral Souls actually become playable.

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