23 thoughts on “Video: Toast and Jaz in Minneapolis”

    1. An Ethiopian restaurant called The Blue Nile. FUN FACT: Ethiopian food is centered around scooping up stuff in a spongy, pancake-like bread and is super-awesome.

    1. I have half a mind to just bring the book to the Castlevania marathon and read it on-camera. Seriously, I was more or less just turning to random pages and everything in it is so amazing.

  1. I see that Minneapolis somehow survived. That leads me to one conclusion: you guys were slacking off. I mean seriously, it’s one measly city and you two couldn’t destroy it? *sigh*

    On a serious note, that park map made me think of a Legend of Zelda forest temple map in a player’s guide. It was creapy.

    On another non-serious note, it just occured to me that Ana draws Toast as a slice of bread wearing a Snake outfit, and herself as some kind of crazy demon duck. Why is there no picture of the duck eating the slice of bread (as ducks are want to do) and the bread cowering in fear as strawberry jelly oozes out of his wounds like blood?

    1. He’s better at it than me, if you can believe that… Some time we need to record me playing any 3-d game just so everyone can laugh at my inability to figure out directions.

    1. Then I will totally bring the book and read it on the stream. Because honestly, it needs to happen.

      ALSO you would be amazed as to how easily I can get lost. I have a brain problem with 3D spaces, and it’s so extreme that I can’t even navigate most 3D games if they involve backtracking or remembering directions. Toast has witnessed this and it was an endless source of amusement–and frustration–for him.

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