Zynga surpasses EA?

Gamers are probably aware that Zynga [developer of famous Facebook games such as Farmville] is a pretty nicely rounded company due to the large successes in their dealings with Facebook.  Did you know, though, that it’s actually a more “wealthy” company than EA?  It has been confirmed that Zynga stock is valued at $5.51 billion, which is several hundred million above EA’s $5.22 billion.

A dark day for “hardcore” gamers everywhere?  Naw, can’t be.  Then again, I’ve got some crops to go plow and some Bejeweled to play, so perhaps I’m a tad biased.

Source: Joystiq

3 thoughts on “Zynga surpasses EA?”

  1. While I wouldn’t say EA caters to the “hardcore” gamers, this is kind of ridiculous.

    However in hindsight, this is what is possible when you democratize gaming to a huge social structure.

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