Amazon Deal Through November 6 : Buy 2, Get 1 Free

Looks like Amazon is prepping itself for Cyber Monday’s rush of sales and allowing the parents of salivating gamers [Hey!  don’t knock it!  Have you seen the holiday line-up?] to get their hands on big-name titles with a great deal.

Through this November 6th, gamers can snag 3 games for the price of 2!  With expensive games like Fallout New Vegas, New Super Mario Brothers Wii, The Force Unleashed II, Castlevania, and Kirby’s Epic Yarn, this is definitely a great deal for the gamer on a budget!

And here’ s a link to the offer!

Source:  Joystiq

3 thoughts on “Amazon Deal Through November 6 : Buy 2, Get 1 Free”

  1. Target also has buy 2 get 1 free on all PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii games $14.99-$59.99. All but one of the games I want for Christmas can be had through these deals! 😀

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