Axl Rose Filing Lawsuit over Guitar Hero 3

Yes, I said Guitar Hero 3.  Yes.  THAT guitar Hero 3.  The old Guitar Hero that everybody has long since forgotten about!  The Guns and Roses lead Axl Rose is filing a lawsuit against the developers of Guitar Hero 3, stating that they violated a contractual agreement by including Slash as a character and offering Velvet Revolver songs as downloadable content.

Apparently, the developers fell under a contract that by having Slash as a character and offering certain songs has somehow made a connection between his prior involvement with Guns and Roses, and helps to bring more profit to the Velvet Revolver band, when the contract explicitly stated that only “Welcome to the Jungle” would be permitted.  In lawyer-speak:  The contact breaking “exploits the prior association between Slash and Guns N’ Roses, promotes Slash’s and VR’s (Velvet Revolver) separate interests and includes VR tracks as available downloads, all of which was and is directly contrary to the contractual obligations of Defendants…,”

So now they’re bringing up the issue several years after the game has been offering said services.  Makes me wonder what the legal department of the music industry is doing to ignore such a blatantly obvious contract break.

Source: Joystiq

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