Be Wary When Playing Kinect Naked

Without any witty jokes or long elaborated sentences, I’ll get straight to the point.  Please be careful if you choose to play Kinect naked, because a majority of the games will TAKE YOUR PICTURES and store them on your hard-drive.  Definitely not something you want to share with your family over the holiday.

Why would such a fact be necessary to share with gamers?  Mostly because of an advertising campaign with IGN UK, stating that the Kinect can be played without clothing and not have any more bugs than usual.

One horrified gamer stated: “I was trying out the Kinect Dance Central game and I was getting hot so I took off my [clothes],” writes one Kinect user. “I had no idea that the game was going to take A BUNCH OF PICTURES OF ME WHILE DANCING WITH NO CLOTHES ON!!! I can go back and look at these pictures but HOW DO I DELETE THEM?!!! HELP!!!!”

For those concerned: My Xbox > System Settings > Memory > Hard Drive > Games > Dance Central and you can remove the data from there.

Source:  Kotaku

8 thoughts on “Be Wary When Playing Kinect Naked”

  1. This could get dangerious. If it takes pics of some kid who thought it would be a good idea and you got yourself some kiddie pron. Parents own the X-Box, now they’re in jail and the kid is in foster care. WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

    But seriously: Auto pictures? Really Microsoft? Think it through.

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