COD: Black Ops Top Secret Exposed

Youtube videos have been feeding Call of Duty fans with leaked footage of Black Ops for several weeks now with footage from single player campaign to its Zombies mode but now the games last big secret seems to have been revealed a weeks before the release.

The Black Ops ‘Dead Ops Arcade’ mode was mentioned in a legit Acheivements/Trophies list back at the end of September but now Youtubers are claiming that this is an unlockable arcade mode which is actually a spin off of the title’s popular Zombies mode.

Just like the Zombies mode, Dead Ops is a round-based game that enables you to clear waves of the undead, except this time it’s from a top down perspective, using the left analogue stick to move and the right one to fire. This mode supports co-op play also.

I’m assuming that all the videos showing this on Youtube have been removed by Activision already but they were there showing footage supporting all of this information. One video showed a ‘Speed Boost’ allowing you to blast through 20 or so enemies at a time and this ‘Speed Boost’ was also talked about in the Acheivements revealed in September.

(Source: ComputerandVideogames)

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  1. im not sure i understand how this from a “top down view” would work. Do you shoot from above, or are you just watching your character move below from above?

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