EA Confirms Existence of PSP2

With all the rumors flying around, it is hard to deny that there is a good chance that PSP2 exists. But now, EA has put the nail in the coffin as their senior vice president Patrick Soderland confirmed the existence of the device.

In an interview with Soderland, CVG asked the question, “have you had any exposure at all to the PSP2?” Soderland replied, “well, obviously as a developer we have had that – but I’m not allowed to talk about it.

Hooray, non-disclosure agreements! Unless Sony announces the PSP2 outside of an event, the next big gaming event isn’t until March’s Game Developer’s Conference. But even that usually lacks a focus on announcements, let alone a new platform. And we still don’t know if this and the PlayStation Phone are the same device.

At least now we know the device exists.

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