Earthbound Marriage Proposal

It’s always fun to see romantic gamers.

Anyway, a young man [Matt] nabbed himself a copy of Mother 2 and made a nifty little hack of the game, where he edited the text on the Lumine Hall to make a romantic message and marriage proposal scroll across the screen.  More importantly, he filmed the event itself!

Needless to say, the young woman [Liz] was thrilled, as you can see in the video [you can see the full proposal in the source link], as well as the full picture after the jump.

I think what’s so romantic about is that the hugging in the video occurs just as the music hits its climax in the melody!

Source:  Kotaku

8 thoughts on “Earthbound Marriage Proposal”

  1. I thought it was odd you didn’t mentioning it was our friends at Fangamer… Now I know why. You weren’t there!

    Okay, so something Kotaku failed to mention: You guys remember how we did that big charity auction on Friday? We did that cause Fanfest couldn’t get the cart to Liz on time for a Friday GPP due to Thanksgiving. The auction was a very convenient filler for that game play point. This happened on Monday’s GPP. And it was AWESOME live. The chat was like “Uh… that’s not right… why does the game say it’s Matt… why is he on his knee… OMG” and there were the apropriate Smiles and Tears.
    Liz spent the rest of the evening all *puts on sunglass* a-twitter.. YYYEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

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