Frontier Still Working on Lost Winds Franchise

The original Lost Winds made quite a splash as it was one of the first, and best, titles on WiiWare. Aside from its short length and some other minor issues, most agreed it was a great title. The second title in the series, Winter of the Melodias released a year ago, but we have still yet to hear information on a third entry.

Thankfully, Frontier has been put concerns to rest that the series is starting to die out. The developer told Eurogamer, “there are still many more stories to tell from [game world] Mistralis. We’ll keep you updated as we have news.

Frontier is working on three other titles currently, including Kineticmals for Kinect, The Outsider, and Elite IV. So they definitely have their hands-full at the moment. But with such huge gaps between the releases of an episodic game, it is a bit concerning on how the franchise will perform in the future.

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