Games You’ll Be Waiting A While For

Feels like you’ve been waiting too long for GT5? Check out some games that won’t even be seen in 2011 after the jump.

Darksiders 2 – THQ confirmed that the sequel to this year’s early post-apocalypse dark horse hit shouldnt be expected until its 2012 financial year, we may not even see it until early 2013. It might take good while, but it should be worth it. Sorry horsemen fans.

Streetfighter X Tekken – Although Capcom produced Streetfighter IV very quickly, we are told not to expect this fighting franchise until at least 2012.

Devil’s Third – Now this is a game to watch. It seems to be a merge of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive. This third-person shooter promises to be bloody. Won’t be here til 2012 though.

Bioshock Infinite – One of the most exciting new titles coming to consoles, the original Bioshock team is sending its creation skyward. The game is set in 1912, but isn’t expectd til 2012, hopefully worth the wait.

Agent – Not much is known about Rockstar’s PS3 exclusive but it is pinned down for a 2012 release since Rockstar have a couple of other projects on the go.

Hopefully all of these games will be worth the unusally long wait..

(Source: Play-Mag)

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