Golden Sun: Dark Dawn ‘Psynergy’ Trailer

The wait for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn ends early next week. Those who have played past Golden Sun games probably already know what Psynergy is, and after the jump you can check out all the new and returning ones. If you’re not familiar, Psynergy are basically elemental spells that players can use both on the battlefield and for puzzle solving.

If you’re new to Golden Sun and are a bit intimidated by the lack of knowledge over the past title’s lore, Dark Dawn has you covered. There is a encyclopedia within the game that gives information on terms and characters specific to the universe.

(Source: Tiny Cartridge)

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  1. Dark Dawn was easily the most exciting bit of news at E3 last year. I remember Reggie introducing the trailer and just before E3, I was discussing that a new GS needed to be made with a friend. As I saw the trailer, I screamed in excitement. It’s been a while since I’ve been that excited over a game, much less a handheld.

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