K-Mart Black Friday Deals [Multi-Platform Games Galore!]

I’ve been rather impressed with several Black Friday promises thus far, but K-Mart’s is going pretty high up.  K-Mart is offering some FANTASTIC deals on fantastic games.  While you can see a full list after the jump, some of the more notable ones are Mass Effect 2 for $10 and Call of Duty : WAW for a mere $15!  Even some big name titles like New Vegas and Medal of Honor are on sale for $35.

Source:  Joystiq

Xbox 360 and/OR PS3

Madden 11 $39.99

NHL 11 $39.99

The Sims 3 $39.99

EA Sports MMA $39.99

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit $34.99

Rock Band Beatles (game) $14.99

Batman Arkham Ayslum $14.99

Fallout New Vegas $34.99

Medal of Honor $34.99

Mass Effect 2 $9.99

Dragon Age Origins U.E. $34.99

Fable 3 $39.99

Halo Reach $39.99

Call of Duty WAW $14.99

Tony Hawk Shed $69.99 (Wii, 360 ps3)

Guitar Hero WoR $69.99 (wii, 360, ps3)

Mafia 2 $34.99

Assassins Creed brotherhood $39.99


NBA Jam $29.99

NHl Slapshot $39.99

Wheel of Fortune $14.99

Mad Karts of Madagascar $9.99

Jeopardy $14.99

GoldenEye $39.99

Cabela Game Hunter w/ gun $19.99

The Sims 3 $29.99

Spiderman SD $29.99

PSP Karate kid pack $129.99

DSI Orange w/ Mario party $149.99

DSI Green w/ Mario party $149.99

PSP Go $149.99

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  1. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit $34.99
    Batman Arkham Ayslum $14.99
    Mass Effect 2 $9.99

    HEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLL YEAH! Those be some good deals, especially considering how Hot Pursuit is a recent release.

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