Love Plus gets unofficial fleshed out sequel

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Source: (Kotaku)

Love Plus is the Japan exclusive DS series that has taken Japan by storm for all the wrong reasons. In Konami’s attempt to make NintenGirlfriend, You get your choice of one of three girls and through a complex choice system, you get the chance to win over your chosen girlfriends heart as gaming as an art form gets pushed back by about 20 years.

In a surprise move an unnamed Japanese independant company has created “Debu Plus” (Translation: Fatty Plus) which chronicles the life of Ririko (A combination of the characters of the three previous heroines in the original game) as you go from a mutual friendship to a full blown relationship which results in marrying your DS (Or computer if emulating) as you spend the rest of your life happy living with your new partner.

As you can probably guess from the title, the main twist on the ‘classic’ formula is the girlfriend in question is for lack of a better word, ‘bulky’. At a BMI of 39.3, The main star of Chubb Plus is not exactly the stereotypical main female lead though it could be considered a move that is akin to Fat Princess for comedic effect. That being said, this is Love Plus we’re talking about so anything is possible.

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  1. Let me guess, the way to your lovers heart is through the hole of a giant chocolaty doughnut. Fat jokes aside this is clearly an attempt by the Japanese to satisfy their “love” for the stereotypical American woman.

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