Mario Sports Mix : Final Fantasy Boss

We’ve all probably knew that the upcoming Mario Sports Mix would have a wide variety of characters from many different franchises, but now they’re really upping the ante!

The reccuring Final Fantasy monster “Behemoth” will be making an appearance as a boss encounter, where you must defeat him with your amazing volleyball skills.

No.  I’m  not kidding.  Yes.  that sentence was as ridiculous and awesome as I’d typed it out as.  You can checkout a gameplay video right after the jump, and stay tuned for more Mario Sports Mix news and announcements!

Toads and Moogles must come from a long line of fantastic Volleyballers.

Source:  Joystiq

2 thoughts on “Mario Sports Mix : Final Fantasy Boss”

  1. Feel the power of Moogle and Toad! Anyway this (and knowing there is a “story” mode) just made me definetely want this game. At first I was a bit uninterested but I’m definetely picking it up now.

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