Megaman Online Video Reveals Sidescrolling Gameplay

The Megaman Korean MMO, Megaman Online, is a Sidescrolller. The first video of it is now out and it looks a lot like the X universe. It’s action based with numbers and criticals and all the other trappings of the usual MMO. We have no real confirmation as to whether or not it will be making it’s way over here, but I don’t think it would be to much trouble. Seeing as it is a Korean developed game I assume it will also be free to play. Take a look after the jump.


4 thoughts on “Megaman Online Video Reveals Sidescrolling Gameplay”

  1. Well, I was clearly able to make out X, Mega Man (classic), Zero, ZX form, Cutman, the guys that take Zero’s parts in X2, and Duo. I’d say it’s a mix-mash of all universes barring possibly only EXE and StarForce.

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