Michael Jackson: The Experience to Come with Ridiculous Glove

We have some fantastic news that might just sell Michael Jackson: The Experience to me. Before now I had no interest at all, but they have confirmed that the Wii version will be coming with a white rhinestone covered glove. The glove is only confirmed for the Wii version at this time.

Michael Jackson: The Experience is coming from Ubisoft and is still a bit of a mystery. All we really know is that it’s coming out for all 3 home consoles and will include both singing and dancing. It’s being designed for use with the Kinect and Move on their respective consoles.

Check out a picture after the jump.

(Source: 1up)

3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson: The Experience to Come with Ridiculous Glove”

    1. Unless it’s integral to the use of the Wii-Mote, then no… Not really. That’s a piece of junk that’s going to justify a price raise in the Wii version, even though the glove itself can be bought at a dollar store for about 2 bucks.

      1. Maybe the glove. But if you want a real Rhinestone experience you need an official Bejewler which can run you some money. Ubisoft is saving you dollars by using their Bejewlers to make the gloves. Cutting the cost. PASSSING ALONG THE SAVING TO YOOOOOOOU!

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