Microsoft : Not Interested in “Another Xbox”

Microsoft has recently stated to Eurogamer that they’re not interested in creating another Xbox and would rather focus on the Xbox 360 and improving its overall functionality and exploitation of functions like Kinect and Netflix/Facebook/ect.

“You’ll continue to see us bring amazing new experiences to the console, without you having to buy a brand new console. A couple of years ago we didn’t have movies, Sky, Facebook and Twitter – now we’ve got things like Kinect… We’ll continue to evolve those gaming and entertainment experiences through the power of software updates, rather than new chipsets and plastic.” said a Microsoft representative, Steven McGill.

A nice thought, but having to purchase add-ons for the Xbox360 such as the Kinect really nullifies any excitement this may have had on me.  Microsoft will continue to sponge off the gaming community for years to come.  Enjoy!

Source: Gamerzine

3 thoughts on “Microsoft : Not Interested in “Another Xbox””

  1. I support this. Fully exploring the capabilities of the current hardware before moving on is a fantastic idea. Look how long the DS has been around, and they’re just now moving on to the 3DS, but still plan on continuing development for it. These are smart moves in an economic enviroment which promotes wise spending over rushing for the latest thing with gigawatzits and megarams.

    1. The DS still has untapped potential, though. I mean we only just NOW got the enormous sized cards that Dragon Quest IX is on…

      I mean, there comes a point in every video game machine’s life where, while it still has plenty of untapped potential, that it would be a far more significant leap forward to move on to new hardware.

      Although with the increasing prices of new consoles and handhelds, I would mind 6-8 years being the normal life span of each console.

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