Milo “was Never a Product” – Microsoft

If you have been following Milo, you would know that ever since its announcement, its status as a game has been questioned. Is it just a tech demo? Or is it a full game? Peter Molyneux, the mind behind Milo, keeps pushing that it is a full game. At Gamescom, along with showing off a new demo, he said that he wouldn’t be working on the title unless it wasn’t going to be on store shelves one day. Microsoft, on the other hand, has been pushing in the opposite direction saying that there is no intention of releasing the title.

Director of incubation and creator of Kinect at Microsoft, Alex Kipman, says that the title “was never announced as a game.” So where this technology going now? Into other Kinect titles. “I will tell you that the technology developed in that sandbox, and by the way we continue to develop technologies in that sandbox, has migrated pretty closely to what you see in a game called Kinectimals.

Rumor has it that Microsoft is also moving the technology to a Kinect themed Fable title, but no concrete details have arisen. I’m wondering if this is creating any tension between Molyneux and Microsoft. Molyneux seemed convinced that the title was hitting store shelves, but Microsoft keeps swatting it down. But who knows, maybe in a month from now Peter will come out again and say he is still working on Milo. It wouldn’t be surprising considering all the back and forth there is with this title.

(Source: Eurogamer)

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