New Infamous 2 Details

Great news for Infamous fans!  The latest issue of the Playstation : The Official Magazine came with a full 10 page spread of Infamous 2 goodies, and I’m frankly excited about a lot of them.

  • Gaming Rating of T
  • 6 currently identified areas of play [no details on if they are fully explorable or not] : Plantations, St. Ignatius Cathedral, Fort Philip, St. Charles Cemetery, Ville Cochon, and Ascension Parish
  • The prod weapon on Cole’ back is known as “The Amp”.
  • The new rival antagonist group Cole will be facing [you saw these in the E3 demo] are known as “The Corrupted”
  • Infamous save files will transfer and affect gameplay to a certain degree.
  • The game’s karma system makes a comeback, with a late game decision that will cause two TOTALLY different roads of play, unlike the previous title’s barely affected storyline.
  • Blast shards will be making a comback, and Blast Cores [parts of the device that gave Cole his original powers] will be taking the place of Dead Drops.

Release date is still to be announced during 2011.

Source:  IGN

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