New Mario Sports Mix Trailer

Japan gets a lot of things first. Mario Sports Mix is no exception, arriving on the 25th of this month in Japan, while western audiences still twiddle their thumbs for a release date. While importing Japanese copies is troublesome and expensive, watching Japanese trailers is not.

While filled with the language of Japan, the trailer shows off plenty of gameplay that is definitely worth checking out.  Recently it was announced the title will feature online play, which is big for any Nintendo title.

You can check out the trailer, after the jump.

(Source: The Bit Block)
(Via: GoNintendo)

3 thoughts on “New Mario Sports Mix Trailer”

    1. As long as you aren’t imagining Britt wearing it…

      I think this looks like it will be a fun game, but one problem I noticed is that the game “pauses” while items are being used. This could be problematic for volleyball, dodgeball, and hockey (not so much in basketball) by creating cheap shots that there’s no hope of recovering, blocking, returning, etc.

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