Nintendo Bringing Demos Back for WiiWare in Europe

Nintendo still hasn’t fully embraced demos on their platform, partly because of a weak online system and a lack of space on the system.  And while we still aren’t getting a full blown demo service, Nintendo is dipping its toes back into the demo field with four more WiiWare titles.

Europeans can look forward to this Friday when  Jett Rocket, Furry Legends, Zombie Panic in Wonderland, and ThruSpace will have demos made available.  It’s currently unclear if these demos will be eventually removed, like the previous set.

North America has yet to have more demos announced for their region, but you can probably expect to see them. Worst case scenario, all of these titles are already available. So if any look particularly pleasing, you can just go ahead and pick it up.

(Source: NintendoLife)

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