Nintendo Returning to CES After 16 Years (Update)

With Nintendo’s currently announced March Western release for Nintendo 3DS, time is running out to reveal launch details for the platform. And with the Game Developers Confrence still four months away, Nintendo is running out of events to reveal the information. Which may explain why, after 16 years, Nintendo will finally be re-attending the Consumer Electronics Show.

The last time Nintendo attended CES was in 1994, when they were debuting the Nintendo Ultra 64, which would later lose the ‘Ultra’. If Nintendo does indeed talk 3DS this CES, it would be kind of ironic that they are returning to talk about 3D, albeit a different kind of course.

CES is scheduled to take place January 6th through the 9th, so definitely keep your eyes peeled. And, as usual, Sony and Microsoft will also be attending.

(Source: CVG)

Update: The CEA’s listing of Nintendo under exhibitionists was an error. Nintendo will still be holding meetings at CES, but will not be showing up on the show floor. 3DS info could still be revealed around the time frame of CES, but it is less likely now.

(Update Source: PC World)
(Via: GoNintendo)

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