Nintendo Still Wants to Support the DS Market

Similar to what happened when the PS3 came out the DS still has an enormous market. I can imagine that the system will continue to sell well after Nintendo has release the 3DS. They have been thinking about trying to localize some of the games that never made it out here for one reason or another as a way to keep the system going. Iwata said this when speaking with investors and thinks that it would be a great way to take advantage of the DS’s large library.

I am a huge fan of the DS and would be absolutely thrilled if say 7th Dragon ever made it over here. So I am very excited about the idea of continuing to localize these game. This could also mean good things for any Fire Emblem fans who want the DS remake to come out here as well.

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4 thoughts on “Nintendo Still Wants to Support the DS Market”

  1. “They have been thinking about trying to localize some of the games that never made it out here…”

    If they do this with the Mother/Earthbound trilogy, they could probably keep the DS alive on just those sales. I know I would buy it, that’s for sure.

    1. First off: No. They couldn’t keep it alive on Mother alone. It’s difficult for us to see how little liked the Mother series due to how heavy the TSG and Fangamer communities are into the games, and how close the two groups work. But trust me, outside of here you won’t see much of it.

      Second: They didn’t actually release the games on DS. 1+2 and 3 are Gameboy Advance games.

      Third: Should they do it anyway? F*** YEAH! It may not be console saving (like the DS needs saving) but it’s still a nice chunk of profit. While we overestimate the popularity of the Mother Series due to the large number of fans around our community, Nintendo underestimates how much the fandom has grown thanks to it’s cult status.

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